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Sustainable behaviour change


Arguments for behaviour change network

ADAPT is leading a new network, Arguments for Behaviour Change (ABC-NET) for researchers and practitioners interested in developing well-structured arguments for behaviour change. The aim is to establish a collaborative community to further research and practice in this area, with a particular emphasis on sustainability, well-being and resilience, and the use of ICT in delivering tailored, persuasive and ethical arguments for behaviour change. Over the life of the project, the ABC-NET will be the focal point for two academic colloquia intended to generate productive collaborations and raise the profile of the field. There will be a small number of bursaries available to eligible Early Career Researchers to support attendance. Full details will be advertised in 2017.

To join, please send an email to Kate Pangbourne with your job title, institutional affiliation, country and email contact details. You can then access a moderated discussion forum for the network by logging in through the top right hand tab.